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An estimated 45.8% of released prisoners were arrested within 3 years, 50.5% within 6 years, and 52.3% within 9 years. Returning to society from an institutional or rehabilitation facility is a difficult transition for an offender as well as his/her family. Upon reentry, the former offender is more than likely to struggle with substance abuse, homelessness, adequate education or job skill as well as mental, spiritual and emotional support.


We concentrate our efforts toward personal growth, responsibility, and accountability while working towards continued recovery, financial sustainability, and spiritual growth. The House That Love Built has a committed team of experts and professionals from the community in addition to our dedicated volunteers dedicated to creating a loving, learning and supportive environment.


The House That Love Built has passed inspection with the AzRHA (Arizona Recovery Housing Association) to be recognized by the Arizona Department of Corrections as a preferred transitional home for women.


Mission Statement


The House That Love Built provides a safe loving environment while equipping women to re-enter society restored, prepared and empowered.


Our Services


Helping women in need with housing, enrichment services, job skills, financial literacy training, health awareness, and referrals.

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We are a non-profit 501 c(3) faith based organization dedicated to providing a safe and loving living environment for women transitioning from an institutional or rehab facility to live within a community committed to maintaining long term sobriety.

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