Asava Dunn

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Asava has always been passionate about helping others. Her passion grew even more after being given the opportunity to minister on Friday’s at one of  Arizona’s correctional facilities for over 10 years.  But there was one thing that bothered her, and it was the reason as to why the women kept returning to prison after being released.  It was those reasons that convinced her that she could make a difference in their lives. Asava set out to do exactly that. Her drive, passion and love for helping others be the best person they could be, led her to build what she calls an arsenal of women of God, to help her tear down the kingdom of Satan. It is her desire to equip women from all walks of life, all over the world, who have a desire to overcome their struggles and re-enter society healthy, whole and empowered.


Gwendolyne Brooks

Co-Founder and Assistant Executive Director

Gwen began working with women in transition in 2016. It was during those years that she developed an understanding of the importance of positive support in the recovery process. She has seen that recovery is possible, however it is not easy. And with hard work, discipline along with a great support system, recovery is attainable. It had been a long-time vision of she and her co-founder to help women in crisis. But for Gwen, after seeing several friends and family members destroyed by the grip of addiction and life challenges, it was placed within her to be that helping hand to women as they find their self-worth and become all who God has called them to be.

Leadership Team


Dr. Tonjua Sibley 

Director of Biblical Studies 

and Nurse Practitioner


Storm Nelson

Administration Support


 Eileen Meneley
Lead Therapist


Dr. Janet Denson

Lifeskill Instructor


Delina Pickett



Asava Dunn


Gwendolyne Brooks

Vice Chair

Marva Greene


Obie Saddler, Jr.

Roy Magett

Member at Large

TJ Patterson

Member at Large

Mary Agrarwal

Member at Large